Young Gnoll assassin, learned the hard way that the best of intentions can still lead to being bannished and with only part of a soul.


str:10 Con:18 Dex:20 Int:09 Wis:12 Cha:10

Passive Insight: 17 Passive perception: 19 +5 for smells

Feats: Claw fighter, Gnoll tracker, melee training Dex

Skills: Acrobatics: 7 Athletics: 7 Endurance: 5 Insight: 8 Intimidate: 5 Perception: 10 +5 for smells Stealth: 12 Streetwise: 2 Thievery: 12


Hyrin-kur was born different. He had the claws of a demon and everyone knew it. When he was still a cub they were two inches long and razor sharp, he had to be very careful all the time or he would cut anything he tried to pick up. He even cut himself a lot when he was young. His fur was ashy gray with black around his mussel and dark spots on his neck and shoulders. he grew up in the Gnoll city (who’s name i did not memorize) and never really had a pack, he lived on the streets until another clawed Gnoll approached him with an offer. There was a group of Gnolls who had found a way to contact the Shadow Fell and were planing on enacting a ritual to draw power from there. They had the highest of ideals, they wanted to become a shadowy force of order in the city. Even “civilized” Gnolls tended to be wild and often self destructive. The group wanted to kill the worst offenders in gruesome ways and leave no trace of themselves. This way they would scare the Gnolls into exorcising more restraint. Hyrin-kur was still little more than a pup and bought it hook line and sinker, here was a way for him to use his nature for the betterment of his clan. He could finally contribute to society. His first level was spent doing small killings in town, trouble makers and such. But it was not to be, in the end the city was about freedom, mostly freedom from the demons. But really the Gnolls did not like this campaign of terror and the fledgling assassin’s guild was hunted down. Hyrin-kur did not understand what went wrong, he was still a pretty small fry at the time and managed to flee with is life, but his sense of self was destroyed.

For most of his second level Hyrin-kur wandered the “kingdom of monsters” stealing what he could and earning blood money for the rest. He was an empty shell guided mostly by the touch of the shadow fell within his soul. After about a year he wandered right out of he home nation and entered lands ruled by other peoples. He first found that not much was different, he still could earn good money for ending lives. He just had to be more careful because ,when not hiding, he stood out more. This is when he began to earn the name “dusk hunter” from people catching glimpses of his gray fur as he prowled around as night fell. He spent much of that year beginning to make a code to live by and a new world view.

Third level is when he met the Artificer (we can work out the details later as I learn more about her character). but suffice it to say they got along pretty well, both standing out in most crowds. And the inborn matriarchal instinct of Gnolls. it was also at that point that he discovered the fun of theft. Murder is always business; get the kill, that is all that matters. But steeling was fun, often even relaxing. It was like counting coo. To take something and leave no trace, to not even hurting anyone made things a little harder, but all the more satisfying. Most Gnolls like to take trophies and little keep sakes, he is not a hoarder but he does have the first gold coin given to him by every race that has hired him (woe to the pick pocket that grabs the smaller coin purse). Which brings me to another point; gold. He is not greedy, but gold is the only thing he has ever been able to rely on. Everywhere he has gone, gold is always there. Everyone values it, everyone needs it, it is the only stable thing in his life.

Another trait that likely contributed to his friendship with the Artificer is curiosity. He has not formal education except in killing, but he is no fool. He does not know what happened to him in the shadow ritual, only that he changed forever that night. He knows that he can make the shadows do as he commands, but not how or why. He knows that there is an empty place in him, he had thought that pain was just from his exile but recently he has begone to realize that there is more to it than that. He constantly experiments, but not really following the scientific method. He experiments like an animal, he plays. whenever he has time to himself he will see just what he can do with the shadows around him. If you managed to beat his robust perception you might find him crouching in a corner with his hands cupped watching shadows dance for him.


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